5 Things To Have In Your Case Study!

March 1, 2022
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Build a case study that closes clients.

When I first started designing, I was VERY active on Behance.

I was building up my portfolio to get my dream internship.

But instead of getting that internship, I got my first 3 clients.

Even now, I still get inquiries from Behance. What sets me apart is my attention to detail and the way I present my projects.

You see, case studies help us:

⭐️ Show our expertise

Clients don’t understand the creative process, so case studies help us show our clients the exact steps we went through to create the final design.

⭐️ Build trust & communicate empathy.

Our case study shows how we solve our client’s problem. And potential clients will be more likely to trust you if we’ve solved a problem they’re currently experiencing.

But what many designers do is slap their logo, web design, or whatever they made onto a bunch of mock-ups.

That’s it!

The thing is, our case studies need to tell a story. It needs to show our potential clients how exactly we’re gonna help them.

So here are the 5 things you need to have in your case study:

👉🏻 Client Overview

Who’s the client? What do they do or offer? Keep this short.

👉🏻 Project summary (Problem & goal)

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? What goals is this project trying to achieve? What are the deliverables? What’s your role?

👉🏻 The Process

What steps did you take to create that final design? Did you use mood boards? Were there other design options?

I would sometimes include the iterations I’ve made, the logo concepts I showed, the chosen stylescape, and even staged photos during the sketching phase.

👉🏻 Show the solution

What was the final design? Why was that the chosen concept?

This is when I slowly start introducing the final elements of the visual identity (colors, fonts, mockups, logo)

👉🏻 Results

What results did your client see from the project? Did website conversion increase? Are they able to charge a premium?

I usually ask my clients for any results 3 months after the project has been launched.

In case you need a reference...

Here’s a case study for a branding and packaging design project I did a few years ago with Lil’ Haven!
Check out the full case study

Hope this helped!

Patty 🤩

tl;dr - Your case study shouldn’t just be a bunch of designs slapped onto different mockups. It needs to tell the story of how you help your clients go from Point A to Point B.

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🧠 Course: The Complete Case Study — My current case study format was heavily influenced by the futur’s case study course. It also has a bunch of worksheets that you can fill out!

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