Everything I Did To Get Clients Last Year

March 15, 2022
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And no, I don’t just get clients from my content

Let’s be real.

Content isn’t actually the only way I get clients.

I also haven’t reached that level of success where I just sit around and wait for a client to consistently show up.

So when I reviewed my clients last year, I found out that almost half were past clients and half were from outreach.

So here’s every single thing I did to get clients ASIDE from using my content:

👉🏻 Cold email

I send around 60-75 emails a week. It usually takes me 120-150 emails before someone books a call with me.

Tools I use for collecting emails: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and snov.io

Pros: Because I’m cold emailing my ideal clients, I’m sure that I’ll be getting at least one high-ticket project that can cover for the time I spent cold emailing.

Cons: It’s a numbers game — meaning, you can’t expect a yes just by sending 50 emails. You can send 100 emails, get 3 responses, but only get 1 on a call.

👉🏻 Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet can be a free pdf, webinar, newsletter, free consultations. My lead magnet last year was a personal branding workbook.

Pros: Aside from getting you new leads, you can repurpose parts of your lead magnet into different types of content.

Cons: This only works if you have an audience filled with ideal clients or a way to reach your ideal clients.

👉🏻 Market research

One of my clients wanted to work with my because of how thought provoking my market research questions were 😂

Pros: You get a lot of insights from these calls. I usually use these to improve my content and messaging. You also get a client along the way 😉

Cons: Taking too many calls can sometimes be tiring.

👉🏻 Referrals

I don’t just mean referrals from past clients. I also mean referrals from other designers. I refer clients to other designers too if I can’t work with the client.

Pros: The client already feels reassured that someone they know referred you.

Cons: I can’t really think of any 😂

This was how I got clients last year. Right now, I’m mostly exploring with actually making connections and having conversations on LinkedIn and it seems to be working well for me!

I’ll be creating another email about using content for attracting ideal clients, so stay tuned for that 😉

Patty 🤩

tl;dr - Most of my projects last year came from past clients and outreach. Aside from using content to attract clients, I also get clients through cold emails, lead magnets, market research, and referrals.


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