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Junue 25, 2022
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Since 2020, I’ve posted over 330 pieces of content.

So today, I decided to share my entire content creation process.

This email will take 4 mins to read.

When I started creating content, these were my 2 biggest challenges:

  1. Generating enough content ideas for the week

  2. Creating content FAST

That’s because I didn’t have the right systems and process in place.

So today, I’ll be sharing my 6-step process that has helped me:

  • Create 20 pcs of content in 1 day

  • Consistently post on 2 different platforms (Instagram and LinkedIn)

  • Never run out of content ideas

Step 1: Capturing Ideas

When I first started, I generated content ideas through market research. I would regularly ask my ideal audience about their biggest challenges.

Some questions I’ve asked are:

  • What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to building your online presence?

  • How do you think personal branding can help your business?

  • What’s you biggest challenge when it comes to engaging your audience?

After building a following, I would use my audience to generate content ideas. Whenever someone engages with my content, I always ask them this question:

“What type of content would you like to see more of?”

Whenever I get a new content idea, I would capture that idea in my Notes app.

Step 2: Curate & Templatize

On a weekly basis, I would save the following Tweets and LinkedIn posts in Notion:

  • Content from big copywriters

  • Top performing posts of big creators

(Check out the last section of this newsletter for a few recommended accounts to follow).

After curating these posts, I would turn them into fill-in-the-blank templates for future use.

Instead of creating new content from scratch, it’s better to use content that already works.

Here’s an example of how I turn them into templates 👇🏻

Original Tweet:

I made $0 online in 2019.
3 years later:

  • 100M+ impressions

  • $1.7M in online income

  • 4 successful revenue streams

What changed?
I started writing online every day.
Here's my simple 4-step process.

How I would templatize it:

I made $X in {year}
X years later:

  • {Transformation that my ideal clients desire}

  • {Transformation that my ideal clients desire}

  • {Transformation that my ideal clients desire}

What changed?
{What I started doing}
Here’s my simple X-step process.

Step 3: Plan

Every 2 weeks, I would plan and write my content.

I transfer the ideas I’ve capture in my Notes app to my content calendar in Notion.

On Instagram, I would alternate between design posts and educational carousels.

On LinkedIn, I follow this schedule:

  • Monday: Personal Story

  • Tuesday: Video Content from a Consultation

  • Wednesday: Educational Content about personal branding

  • Thursday: Video Content from a Consultation

  • Friday: Sell or Educate

Step 4: Write

Aside from using the templates I created in Step 2, I also use the following formulas for my copy:

  • PAS: Pain-Agitate-Solve

  • AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

  • The Hero’s Journey

To speed up the writing process, I would limit myself to 10 mins per post.

This pressures me to flush out all my ideas at once. Later on, I would take another 5-10 minutes to refine it.

Step 5: Review

Success leaves clues.

Every week, I would review my content. This helps me find out what works and what doesn’t work.

I do this by identifying patterns in my top and worst performing content.

I would ask myself these questions:

  • What keywords helped make this post successful?

  • Do these tackle a common topic/challenge/desire?

  • What’s 1 thing I can do to make this post better?

Step 6: Reuse

The reason why I never run out of content ideas is because I reuse them.

I take my past content (especially top performing posts), and just write it in a different way.

I do this by asking myself these questions:

  • What personal story can I share that’s related to this idea?

  • What observation about my audience can I share about this idea?

  • What can I teach my audience about this idea?

  • Are there any tools or resources I can share?

Here’s an example 👇🏻

If I want to talk about content creation, I can do this by sharing:

  • My personal journey with it

  • My observation around why many struggle with staying consistent

  • My own content creation process my audience can follow

  • Tools I use for content creation


  1. Capture Ideas

  2. Curate & Templatize

  3. Plan

  4. Write

  5. Review

  6. Reuse


If you’re ready for additional support, here’s how I can help you:

  1. A customized strategy and action plan to help you sign premium clients. Book a 60 minute consultation call here.

  2. Create content that converts with my free guide here.

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🛠 Tools: Twemex (Chrome Extension) — When you land on someone’s account, this shows their best Tweets.

☀️ What I've been up to...

📖 Book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown — If you’re the type of person who can’t prioritize, feels overworked, or overcommit, then I 100% recommend you read this book. This helps you become more selective with what you do so that you can focus on what’s actually essential.

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