How to get your clients BIG results

February 22, 2022
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Ever wondered how other designers and agencies get amazing client results?

Their websites may have said things like...

  • Generated an additional $XXX,XXX in revenue
  • Help (client name) have a 7-figure launch
  • Increased (client name) website conversion by X%

These results are great ways to attract high-paying clients.

If you’re starting out or if you’ve never gotten these big results before, you might be wondering...


The good news is, you can do it even as a beginner.

Don’t believe me?

One of my clients increased their Instagram following by 13k a few months after we launched their visual identity. They also saw an increase in average customer purchase value by 18% (basically means their customers are paying them more).

I did all this while in my 2nd year in university 😉


So how did I do this?

My client already had a lot of assets in their arsenal. They already had:

  • A marketing team
  • Over 60k followers on Instagram
  • A customer base
  • Media partnerships

You see, we can only help our clients if they have the means to help themselves.

Once a project is over, our clients will be doing 90% of the work.

We create their brand, and they implement what we make.

It would be impossible for me to do the same thing for a solopreneur with absolutely ZERO online presence and customer base.


How can you do this too?

The key is to know how qualified your clients are by reviewing their assets.

STEP 1: List down the assets they might need. Some things I look at are:

  • Their social media following: This helps me know if they already have an audience we can convert into clients.
  • Team size/agencies they’re working with: This helps me know if they’re doing everything themselves or if they have a team who can help them.
  • Number of clients they work with and how much they earn per client: This helps me know if they have the means to invest in my services.

STEP 2: Find out if they have these assets during your Discovery Call

You can only find out by asking them if they have it (and no, please don’t literally ask them “What are your assets”).

Since you have a list of assets, turn this list into questions. Here’s an example.

  • Social media following: How many followers do you have on Instagram?
  • Team size/agencies they’re working with: Do you have a team? Who does your marketing?
  • Number of clients they work with: How many clients do you typically work with in a month? How much do you typically charge them?

But Patty, what if my clients don’t have the assets?

What you can do is focus on smaller results first, or smaller tasks that can help them achieve bigger results in the future.

Here’s an example:

Instead of my full branding services, I can help smaller clients by creating their visual identity and content strategy. This gives them a starting point to build an engaged audience. Once they’ve built an audience, they can reach for bigger goals like big launches and 5-figure months.

So before you actually work with your next client, make sure to evaluate their assets.

See you guys soon!

Patty 🤩

tl;dr - You can only help clients achieve big results if they have the means to do it.


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☀️ What I've been up to...

📖 Books: Value Proposition Design — A really great book on how to create services and products your customers will love. It’s a how to book on how to make a great value proposition from start to finish. It walks through the research stage, value proposition design stage, and testing stage. It has a lot of exercises and guide questions I plan on adding to my brand workshops too.

▶️ Youtube: Ali Abdaal — Ali’s one of the best when it comes to sharing strategies and tips for productivity. I also enjoy watching how he breakdowns topics from the books he has read. If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and time management, I suggest you check out his channel.

🎮 Games: Pokemon Legends: Arceus — I spent my free time last week playing on my Nintendo Switch 🤣 If you’re also a Pokemon fan, then this is a must buy! It’s a completely fresh game style compared to their usual games. It also gives you an idea on the history of the series

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